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25 September 2011

bloggerMummyDoThat This week PlayPennies Loves...Mummy Do That!

If you've got kids of moving and speaking age then you'll know that, at the end of lots of days, you're going to fall in to bed feeling utterly exhausted.

When they're small you're run off your feet and physically exhausted; when they're teenagers it's a combination of both physical and sheer emotional exhaustion.

When they've left home...?  I'm SO looking forward to that!

The author of Mummy Do That! is only four-and-a-half-years down the parenting trail and, returning to work after the arrival of baby number two, her post 'Things I forgot in the last 12 months' really made me smile.

Some of the forgotten things include:

  • Tea tastes better hot
  • Adult conversation that usually last longer than 10 seconds and are pretty fun
  • I feel totally and utterly good about myself because I'm doing work that goes from A to D via B and C and is not eternally interrupted by whining, bum wiping, food providing and baby holding. Yay, I feel like I'm being productive.

Just wait until her daughters become teenagers, I can guarantee that, "What it's like to have clothes that are your own, not borrowed and then hidden in the back of their wardrobe, because the borrower didn't ask if they COULD borrow it in the first place!" will be added to another 'Things I'd forgotten' list.

Our mummy blogger (I'm really not sure I like that label) also muses on what on earth to do with all the baby and young child things we accumulate in an alarming space of time.

She's possibly the only person I've come across to actually make a loss at a sale *chuckle*

I also love how she'll choose a topic and then just 'discuss' it with you, in an over-a-cup-of-coffee-round-the-houses-musing kind of way.

Oh, and if you're into knitting then she knits too - like a DEMON!

I can't knit; well I can, sort of, but only knit-on-perl-one (isn't that stocking stitch or something?) and I can't cast-on, cast-off OR pick up dropped stitches.

There's a book of 37 knitting patterns that you can buy through Mummy Do That! which is sold in aid of Save The Children.

If you're tired of hearing, "Mummy, do THAT!" this afternoon, grab some cake and a cup of tea, shut yourself away and spend an hour or two reading Mummy Do That!

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