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Firstly CONGRATULATIONS are in order as the mummy of this blog, has just had her second baby - and when I say 'just', I mean THIS week!

There's lots to see and do in this blog; our mummy describes herself as a 'nutty knitter' and there are various knitting posts, and links to patterns, for you to peruse if that's your kind of thing.

I'm rubbish at knitting; I'm amazed at how many people knit; there is a whole other world of men who think I'm joking, go and ask Google!

There are pregnancy  posts: the  40 week milestone -  the new arrival decided to be 10 days fashionably late (if you've had a late baby you'll understand what it's like getting to 40 weeks and there's STILL no sign of impending arrival) - followed by 40+5, the opening lines made me chuckle...

Just in case any one is wondering (because phone and email are strangely quiet and all that), I'm still pregnant.

My, now teenage, daughter was 11 days late and the number of times people would phone and say, "Oh, you're still there then!" when I'd answer the phone was mind-numbing. Well OBVIOUSLY I was still there, otherwise I wouldn't have been here to pick up the call would I! NO! I'd be on the labour unit in agony instead wouldn't I!!!!!

*Ahem* Sorry about that; swiftly moving on...

I was also amused by the make-your-own compost post - I, too, have had some spectacular attempts and failures at making my own compost!

Now I have a bit of a clue as to where I was going wrong and the home-grown spuds that are pictured look just scrummy, so much so that I might have to have another bash...I hope I don't end up with slime again...

There are outdoor challenges and book reviews and a ton of interesting and engrossing stuff to get thoroughly lost in for a few hours this afternoon.


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