PlayPennies Loves...Muddling Along Mummy

This week PlayPennies loves...Muddling Along Mummy.

I've been sitting here chuckling away and nodding in agreement for at least an hour reading through Muddling Along Mummy; I got so engrossed, in fact, that I'm now cutting a bit fine to have this posted by 1pm *eek!*

So, here are a couple of the posts that had me nodding frantically, thinking 'yes, YES!' to myself (in a non-when-Harry-met-Sally kind of way).

The first one - Could Someone Please Find Me A Wife - hilarious!

I need one of those, for all of the reasons that listed in the post; I want someone to cook dinner for me, wash my clothes, keep the house tidy, do the shopping, do all the household admin', arrange appointments, cancel appointments, ferry everyone around to the aforementioned non-cancelled appointments!!  The thing is, the 'wife' would have to do all of that with the same ruthless efficiency as I do otherwise I'd have to sack her - maybe that's why I'M the wife instead of having one.

The second one - Is There Nothing That Red Lippy Can't Hide? - in a word...NO!

Red lippy or, in fact, any colour lippy has magic powers.  It makes you look great to the outside world when you're feeling crappy on the inside and, putting some on when you're feeling crappy on the inside has the potential to make you feel great there too.

The third one - Would Your Life Stand Up To Tabloid Scrutiny? - in a word...NO!

This is a very scary thought! If I were to become famous (for something amazing, rather than having been bad) then I dread to think of all the stories that would come crawling out of the woodwork and from under stones.  Let alone the made up tabloid stories when there was a bit of a lull in ex-friends, ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands dishing the dirt.

Muddling Along Mummy is an awesome blog to just sit and read - Muddling Mummy's style is easy and relaxed whilst remaining marvellously eloquent.  It's a collection of her thoughts, ramblings and sometimes rantings whilst, and I quote...

"...trying to make sense of the varied demands of juggling a life inhabited by a husband, two children, a home, two chickens and a full time job – it’s a learning curve that I’m just about clinging to."

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