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3 April 2011

bloggerMomOnAWire This week PlayPennies Loves...Mom On A Wire

There were lots of things that made me smile when I read through this blog; particularly the thought that someone else has been enjoying freshly brewed coffee outside in the sunshine too.

It's always interesting reading about motherhood/parenthood from someone else's perspective.

You see, I'm r e a l l y not an overly maternal person; yes I have three kids and I love them all dearly but I've never experienced heartache at being separated from them whilst they're at school during the day, or abject terror at the thought of them growing up (and dare I mention...leaving home!).

I loved reading Alethea's observations on the tricky rules and dynamics of the playground - and YES, Alethea, how do teachers DO that?  Perhaps it's the first thing they learn at Teacher School, I certainly never mastered the art of authority on that level!

The Little Man is the young star of Mom On A Wire and I must confess to feeling a bit warm and fuzzy when I read about his joy at growing prize winning daffodils, and being awarded no less than SIX certifcates for them (...I do have at least one maternal bone in body after all*grin*).

I knew clicking on the Food Glorious Food link was going to be lethal, if not fatal!

Looking down the list of just ONE that I would allow myself to get tempted by, it was a toss up between the apple and cinnamon pancakes (HA! Toss up - pancakes...groan) OR Nigella's London cheesecake.

It was tough but the cheescake won and now my waistline is doomed; visit the recipes at your OWN RISK, don't say I didn't warn you!

This is a lovely blog that's gentle, lovely and a joy to read.

PS - I clicked on the pancakes in the end I said, LETHAL!

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