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20 February 2011

meTheManAndTheBaby This week PlayPennies loves...Me, The Man & The Baby.

Meet Emma; her blog 'Me, The Man & The Baby' is a rather being able to take a gentle meander through someone else's musings and ramblings on various parenting subjects or events that hit the news.

I read the same article as she did in the Daily Mail (yes, I KNOW! But in my defence I only ever go near it for work purposes, otherwise it would be just plain wrong) written by Jan Moir about whether Twitter condolences from celeb' to celeb' are distasteful and nothing more than showboating and self-promotion on the part of the one offering their sympathies.

I really enjoyed all the reasons to rejoice in the fact that we're grown-ups now (well, allegedly for some of us anyway) and whilst slaving after kids of any age year in year out, whether they're toddler or teenager, can be a bit of a drag there's something delicious about not being told what you can and can't do by YOUR parents anymore.

Emma's also going to be running the London Marathon in April - Emma...are you mad?!

You can follow her training progress every week on a Monday and if you're feeling generous of mood today then you can sponsor her too; she's raising money for Tommy's - a charity which aims to ensure more babies are born healthy.

Good luck Emma, everyone at PlayPennies will be routing for you (whilst we eat cake!)

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