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bloggerMeTheManAndTheBaby This week PlayPennies loves...Me, The Man & The Baby.

Emma writes Me, The Man & The Baby - or rather she says she doesn't...

"Writing may be the wrong word. The question would much better off being put as who fills in this blog?

You see I hate writing, English was never my strong point at school. But I do however love talking about my time spent with my toddler who shock, horror is no longer a baby. I also like to talk about the man now & again too.

This blog is about journey in life as a family, our recordings of what we get up to as a family of 3."

Oh I'm so ridiculously soppy!

I was happily reading through the posts when I came across THIS ONE and in an instant my eyes were stinging with tears and my heart was no longer in my chest - it had melted into a little pool of 'aahhhhhh' on the desk.

Well, now Emma's got her work cut out for her - you can read all about the juggling act she's currently performing in Job getting in the way of blogging? How very dare it!

Wow, do I know that feeling! I always try and cram far too much into every day which just makes tomorrow's 'To Do' list longer than it would have been if I had completed today's tasks!

But planning a wedding, now that's just plain fun, with a touch of masochism, madness and stress thrown in for good measure; CONGRATULATIONS Emma and The Man.

I'm PlayPennies resident gym bunny and this Sunday PlayPennies Loves feature ALWAYS has the potential to wreak havoc with my, usually, impeccable dietary intentions - Lemon Meringue Cupcakes anyone?  I'm DOOMED because MY GOODNESS they look YUM! (I make no apologies for my gross overuse of capital letters here).

I was going to label 'What my toddler is obsessed with' as one of my favourite posts, and whilst that's true - it really is a very cute post and if you've got or had toddlers it'll really make you smile -  Emma's blog as a whole has become one of my favourites; it's chatty and I love that.

It's a really good 'get to know the family' blog without having FAR too much information in it; I like that.  It's funny, it's thoughtful, it's interesting, it's entertaining; I love ALL of that!

I'm off to make Lemon Meringue Cupcakes to eat later on whilst I'm doing nothing but laying in the garden; today's To Do list knows what it can go and do!

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