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bloggerMakingItUp This week PlayPennies loves...Making it up.

I feel I'm making everything up as I go along most of the time, even when something is planned I'm still never sure whether I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing the 'right way' or just winging it.

I really enjoyed mooching through Making it up.

It has rather an anonymous feel to it, there are no airs and graces, no flashy catches or 'brand'.  To me, it just comes across nice and simply as a BLOG written by a mother and wife who writes about what's going on in their world, along with random thoughts, feelings and musings.


I think it's because I'm inherently nosy; I like to know what happens behind other people's closed doors.

Are their lives like mine? How are they different and how are they the same?

Do the same child raising issues crop up the world over?  It seems so - to greater or lesser degrees, but it's the differing approaches to tackling them that intrigue me.

I can't really pinpoint any particular posts that stand out, not because they don't stand out but because the Making it up stands out as a whole; it all fits together and flows from one thing into another.

There are highlight and lo-lights (is that even a word..?  It is now!) but they all form part of the bigger picture; oh, and there are pictures peppered throughout too.

If you just fancy taking a gentle stroll past someone else's life this afternoon, pop along to Making it up.

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  • Liveotherwise
    Thank you for a really lovely write up of my blog, made me smile a lot :)

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