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13 February 2011

maisonCupcake This week PlayPennies Loves...Maison Cupcake.

Meet Sarah, the face behind the cupcake cases - do read her bio, it made me chuckle...

"...I’m self taught unless you count a GCSE in Home Economics...I completed my first novel (88 pages long), at the age of 7...Three months after posting my manuscript, Puffin Books replied with a polite letter. I took rejection harshly..." - I love this, I wrote a novel too when I was young although I never sent it off to Puffin Books!

As a rule, if you gave me the choice between eating cake or going to the gym I'd choose the gym; yes, honestly, I would but every now and again I feel a deep desire to DO cake.

Today is one of those 'I want CAKE!' days and so it seemed obvious to head off to Maison Cupcake - there's no calories, fat or sugar in cakes on the internet (although I have just ordered some of the chilli chocolate truffles that were featured in a review this week - oops!).

If you're a cake person then this blog is going to be utter and absolute heaven for you - I've never seen so many scrumptious cakes and biscuits in one place, other than an awesome cake shop/tea room called Teddies that I've been known to frequent.

I want to go to the supermarket now, buy a ton of ingredients and spend the entire afternoon baking and have the teenagers wondering where domestic mummy has suddenly come from - I don't necessarily want to eat it all, I just want to MAKE everything, fill the house with amazing smells and see plates piled high with homemade cakes and biscuits.

There's a Nigella Forever 'cook/bake off' going on across an alarming number of blogs - alarming because it means there are so many yummy pictures to look at and temptation to dash off into the kitchen and create the same! - and all of the entries listed in one handy place on Maison Cupcake; I think I've gone up a dress size already.

The first one was 'Seasonal Sensations' - and OH EM GEE! (as is, apparently the cool way to say it now) scroll down to No. 15 - Instant chocolate and cashew nut fudge and tell me you don't WANT SOME!

This month's Forever Nigella challenge is...wait for it....(we're all doomed)....SEDUCED BY CHOCOLATE *sigh*

Go and grab your pinny, dig out some cake cases and a deep muffin tin, abandon the diet for the rest of the day and bake up a storm 'with' Sarah; that's what THIS Sunday afternoon was made for!

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