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playPenniesLovesLostInTranslation This week PlayPennies loves...Lost In Translation.

In fact, I've been loving this for a while; it's the sort of blog that I consider to be a real blog, if you know what I mean - tales, stories and accounts of things that have happened, along with random musings about whatever happens to have sprung to mind; brilliant.

The only problem I have with Lost in Translation is deciding which posts to point you to - oh what the hell, you must just choose somewhere to start and then READ.

Some are short and sweet, others are longer and musey, some are ranty and shouty and the majority just have me, at the very least, chuckling like this GREAT post on how to stop your tights from falling down.

Did you know that Snickers and Oreos are a food group? Read this post and you might start to feel better if you consume vast quantities of them, but if you lie to diet apps on YOUR iPhone like our author then you KNOW you're in trouble!

"Three of my new apps are called TargetWeight, CalorieCounter and DietApp. I was hoping they would come in handy to tackle the Snickers-Oreo belly of shame - until I found myself lying to my TargetWeight app about my weight."

I love the tone of Lost in Translation - it's chatty, witty with just the right amount of ranting, sarcasm and not taking one's literary self too seriously; just brill.

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