PlayPennies Loves...Kate Takes 5

This week PlayPennies Loves...Kate Takes 5

I was drawn to the title of Kate's blog because for the last two weeks I've been pulling almost all-nighters to get a job done in my non-PlayPennies life - I say almost all-nighters because I've still been in bed between the hours of 4.30 and 6.30am, so almost but not quite; take five, so I did - with Kate.

I'm a list person, I really don't function well without them, and I just like them in general; imagine my delight, then, when I discovered various lists on Kate's blog!

Top 5 Randoms - I like the smell of petrol too, always have! - and then the Top 5 Famous People I Used To Fancy: James Dean, check; Michael J Fox, check; Matt Dillon, definitely check! There was, in fact, only one of Kate's top five famous people she used to fancy that I didn't - bet you can't guess which one!

Christmas is rapidly approaching - this is good for me, I love Christmas and am properly having to restrain myself from putting Christmas things up early, as that really IS just a little bit sad - there are a mere 41 days left until Christmas Eve and all the frantic last-minute present wrapping that comes with it.

Kate has a Top 5 Christmas Presents list too; tried and tested by parents and compiled from the results of many parents' 'top toys for Christmas' lists , rather than put together by toy marketers who just want you to buy their client's toys.

If you're a regular reader of PlayPennies Loves then you'll know how much I LOVE it when the blog authors we feature have videos on their sites, so we can put voices to their words - Kate has a cool video introduction on the About Kate page; I want her voice, my Home Counties accent just isn't anywhere near as amazing.

With three children under the age of seven, there was no way Kate was going to escape the 'joys' of them trying to get to grips with jokes!  Tattie Weasle, from last week's PlayPennies Loves, was also living through the same torment.

I've lived through this twice with The Teenagers and my youngest is in making up jokes territory too - I think there should be t-shirts and membership cards for all parents that survive this test on our sanity.

Perhaps we could really push the boat out and have winter coats, hats and scarves too!

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PlayPennies Loves...Kate Takes 5


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