PlayPennies Loves...If I Could Escape

30 January 2011

This week PlayPennies loves...If I Could Escape.

OHHHH how many times have I mused on what I'd do and where I'd go if I could escape!

Reading through Karen's blog was a lovely little bit of escapism in itself - I loved looking at the pictures on Silent Sundays and was most amused by the rantings of her youngest son, who was NOT amused at being blinded by the sun on their walk back from nursery in the afternoons!

“The sun is too bright.”

“It’s in my eyes.”

“I can’t walk with the sun looking at me.”

“Turn it off.”

“The sun is making me tired.”

“My legs don’t work when it’s so sunny.”

They all sounded vaguely familiar *grin*

Writing workshop is another post that resonated with me...

"There are times during my day when I feel extra ordinary...When I can do anything and everything I set my mind to. When for just a moment I believe I’m worth it."

*nodding* yep, yep, I'm totally getting that..."

Then there are times when I feel extra ordinary. When I can’t seem to get through the day without my insecurities tripping me up."

*more nodding*

"I really would like to feel extraordinary all the time."

*frantic nodding*

Two Girls and a Drill - the picture of Karen's sister-in-law at WAR with a stubborn drill bit just about sums it up; funny.

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