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4 July 2010

homeOfficeMum This week PlayPennies Loves...Home Office Mum.

*Bing-Bong*  This is a PlayPennies Public Service Announcement - DO NOT read on until you have a box of tissues close to hand. Thank you for listening. *Bong-Bing*

I'm a mum, and I work from my office at home.  I know other women who are mums and work from offices at home (and NO 'office' isn't a euphamism for kitchen!) so dropping in on Home Office Mum for my weekly very-taxing-couple-of-hours-hard-work-with-a-cup-of-coffee research for today's PlayPennies Loves... post was a natural choice.

The dogs, the cats and the Teenagers have given up rolling their eyes at my sudden outbursts of laughter now and there were plenty of them, along with some rather witchy cackles, when I read the Gay Pirate Squirrels...obviously post.

If you've EVER had to rustle up items to contribute to costumes for school productions then you'll already know the terror, torment, torture and tantrums this involves, and you'll chuckle, cackle and laugh along with empathy and sympathy like I did.

Laughter swiftly turned to tears when I read One Huge Step For Son, One Giant Leap For Mum - proper tears, lump in the throat and occasional sharp intakes of breath! This is all about first days at school - you took notice of the announcement right? Because here's the paragraph that reduced me to a blubbering wreck (you try typing through tears, it's not easy)...

"Seeing him in his little grey shorts and school shirt, knobbly knees on show, hair sticking up in all directions, I just wanted to grab hold of him and never let go. There he stood, my baby, tucking his shirt in so that he looked smart, brimming with confidence, ready to take on the world. That feeling right then - that love and pride and sadness and joy - all rolled into one is what it means to be a mother."

You see, my youngest turned four yesterday and he starts school in September; at the other end of the spectrum, the eldest Teenager only has one year left at school and has been chosen to receive an end-of-year academic award at a special presentation evening this coming Thursday... it was only yesterday that HE was little boy in grey shorts with knobbly knees.

More tears were to follow, but these were the can't-breathe-for-laughing type of tears that came from reading the hilarious Pee'd Off post - if you've got boys you'll cry too, if you've got girls you'll be thanking that XX chromosome combination!

I really could suggest another 30 posts for you to read - in fact, I recommend you do nothing else for the rest of the day and just read Home Office Mum until it's time for bed, leaving the computer only for food, coffee (replace with glass of something cold with at least an 11% volume when it hits wine o'clock) and the quickest of pee's!

In closing, I'll leave you with a link to the Pink And Bubbly post whilst I raise my own virtual glass to Home Office Mum and say 'THANK YOU  for an utterly WONDERFUL read!'

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  • Home M.
    OMG> I am so incredibly embarrassed that I haven't seen this before or thanked you for it. I just went into BMB and noticed that there was a message from you and saw the link. I am so tardy and rubbish but a VERY belated thank you for this post. So kind of you.

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