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This week we're loving Geekmummy here at PlayPennies.

Most of us love our tech' here in the PlayPennies office, so we already feel a bit of a kinship with Geekmummy. I love my iPhone and so does she; some of us have iPads, so does Geekmummy.  Her young children are more than au fait with the ways of everything 'i', my youngest has had his own iTouch since he was four and knows his way around the iPad better than I do!

I'm also completely IN LOVE with - it's awesome to see and hear the authors of the blog we feature on PlayPennies Loves.

If you're an iPhone/iTouch/iPad devotee then you're going quickly get addicted to her App of the Week feature - I'm utterly smitten with the Ladybird Book app that she's featured.  I had most of the Ladybird books when I was little, I'm tempted to buy the app just for myself!

In we also get to meet Geekdaddy and Geekdaughter when they make ice-cream - I also discovered that someone has/has had a kitchen more untidy than I could ever make mine; HURRAH! - it's SUCH a lovely video that you can't help but smile when you watch it and how fabulous to have, for meanderings down memory lane, when the Geek kids are much older.

You've got to love it (most of the time) when your kids learn exactly how to push your buttons to get the things they want, at least when they're small anyway - it's not so fun when they're 17 years old.  Read THIS post to see just how far around her little finger Geekdaddy was twisted one chilly day this week *grin*

My teenagers were both born on the same day - they'll turn 17 and 16 together next month; they are, in fact, the same age for just over 10 hours - and because of this we never threw them big full-on birthday parties.

The thought of double the number of kids running riot through my house was just too horrific to contemplate, and I'm a complete party Scrooge - I loathe them.  So imagine my delight when I read that Geekmummy is of, pretty much, the same opinion and successfully managed to avoid the whole thing for Geekdaughter this year - good luck for next year Geekmummy!

Really DO go and have a look around Geekmummy - it's one of the best blogs I've visited in a long while.

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PlayPennies Loves...Geekmummy




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  • geekmummy
    Thank you so much for highlighting my blog! I'm so glad you enjoy reading and watching :)

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