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bloggerEmmaBradshaw This week PlayPennies Loves...Emma Bradshaw.

For some reason the name Emma Bradshaw rang a bell when I first came across it.

After much scouring through her blog and being none-the-wiser I could only conclude it the familiarity came from my subconscious after too many years of half-heartedly watching Sex And the City and the name Carrie Bradshaw.

I love Emma's blog - a bit obvious really as the title of this piece isn't 'PlayPennies kind of likes...' or 'PlayPennies sort of thinks this blog might be worth a visit' - it's simple and has photos and just tells of family things.

For someone who likes to meander through other people's lives and thoughts now and again it's a blog you can dip in and out of, and when there's this open invitation from Emma...

"Why don't you put your feet up and join me, over a cup of tea and slice of cake!"

Well, quite frankly it would be rude not to!

Reading Emma's recent posts reminded me of bygone days with my, now, Teenagers - one of them is still in pyjamas even though he should be training so his fitness is up to standard for Army selection, and the other is moody and stalking around because I've turned her internet access off and told her to, "get a life!"

There were times when they enjoyed playing in the garden and trying to construct a tipi (or could it be teepee?), when they wanted to go and stuff their faces with strawberries and raspberries at the local Pick Your Own.

We used to go to outdoor theatre productions too - it was a big extended family affair with early evening dinner picnics, glasses of wine (not for the kids obviously) and a decent dose of culture.

I miss those days, which may just seem idyllic in my mind due to those rose tinted glasses that tend to leap on my face when I think about times passed; reading through Emma's blog, and her journey through similar times NOW, has made me feel all warm and fuzzy even in the face of today's teenage 'bleurgh!' and for that I thank her.

Thanks for the virtual cake and cup of tea too, they were most necessary and was/is the homemade ice cream recipe - I'm feeling most inspired to have a go, although I may have to track down an ice cream maker first; thank goodness for Sunday trading!

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