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This week PlayPennies loves Diary of a Premmy Mummy.

I've been up for a very long time already - by very long time, I mean since 2.17am (don't ask) - and not a lot has made me smile since 7am.  I'm beyond tired and what I need to get done is just NOT happening!

So when I tell you that Leonna, the author of Diary of a Premmy Mummy, has had me giggling away please be assured that she's FUNNY.

Her daughter was born at just 25 weeks and weighed an astonishingly titchy 1lb 7ozs - my youngest son was born three weeks early and I thought he was small at 5lbs 5ozs - and her blog jumps from the present to 'back then' and everything else in between.

I'm not sure how she's done it, but Leonna's managed to write with suitable gravitas and feeling, whilst being funny without trivialising the story she's telling you.  Let me see if I can find you a good example...

Extracts from The Birth Story

"Looking more than a little unsatisfied with the sitation he told us that he had been on the phone trying to organise a bed and cot space for myself and the baby but as yet had been unsuccessful.

'I have to tell you that 90% of women whose waters break go on to deliver their babies with in 24 hours.'

'The difficulty is there are hospitals with cot spaces but no bed space and visa versa. However as yet we have found no hospital within our network with both bed and cot space available'

Oh no.. Mary and Joseph..

OMG! We're like Mary and Joseph..."

Leonna was eventually ferried off by ambulance to Portsmouth, some 150 miles away from her home, and once there was put under the care of Mr David Davies...

"The faint frown lines that appeared etched on her face suddenly became more profound as the heart beat began  plumiting down to 170  and she looked at the doctor shiftily.

They left the room.

I knew they were outside the door having a private clinical discussion because of the way they scuffled off together. Besides, I could see the doctors dodgy barnett through the little square window in the door."

There are so many other throw away lines peppered throughout Leonna's posts that have raised a smile on my face today, like this one, from The Every Day Mum Fantasy post.

"You see up until this day it was my understanding that sure start was for families from disadvantaged backgrounds. Well that cant be me. (For a start  I have a dyson.)"

That dyson comment had me properly laughing-out-loud and THAT'S the general tone of Leonna's blog - there's some serious stuff going on in her posts but, my goodness, she adds just the right amount of humour resulting in a blog I could get lost in for hours.

Pay Leonna a visit; you'll learn lots, be thankful for small mercies (if you're not having the greatest day) and have a bit of a laugh too.

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PlayPennies Loves...Diary of a premmy mum

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