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bloggerCountryHeartAndHome This week PlayPennies loves...Country Heart and Home.

OH my goodness!

It's rare that I find myself feeling twinges of envy when faced with other people's abilities, but meandering around Country Heart and Home has left me feeling a couple of things

  1. inadequate
  2. inspired!

Debbie is, and I quote:

"Mum to 4 gorgeous boys and 1 perfect princess. Wife to a very supportive husband. I am a scrapbooking, cardmaking, lover of all things shabby chic and domestic goddess wannabe!"

Domestic goddess wannabe?  If ever a word was superfluous in a sentence, it's 'wannabe' in this one.

There's so much to read, look at and get inspired by within the virtual pages of Country Heart and Home that I'm not sure which direction to point you in first.

It would never have crossed my mind to throw my kids a 'back to school' party - probably because I'm a party grinch - so on the one hand I'm feeling less-than-motherly because I never did this, whilst giggling on the other when I read Debbie's reason for throwing it:

"We have 3 boys back on Tuesday and 1 back on Wednesday so I decided to throw them a party...

Scott: 'mam why would we have a party to go back to school - we arent happy??'

Me: 'I am and that's worth a party!' lol"

HA!!  A woman after my own heart. I read that little bit to my mum, she laughed too.

If you fancy turning your hand at making things and getting all arty and crafty then there are a TON of things for you to try - I really love the look of these tissue pom poms and remind me of things my mum used to make when I was little.

If you're stuck for some culinary inspiration then there are LOADS of recipes for you to try out too - lots of them are listed in the 52 Week Recipe Challenge running down the left-hand side of the page.

Underneath that there are step-by-step recipes - all of them look good and worthy of testing.

The worst thing about paying a visit to Country Heart and Home is going to be prising yourself away from it, and/or deciding which 'something' to try and make and what to cook first.

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  • debbie1
    WOW Thank you so much for such a beautiful write up - im literally brimming with tears right now at your kind words! You have made my day, week, heck youve just made 2011 for me!! :D :D

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