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20 June 2010

spud1 This week PlayPennies Loves...Chez Spud.

In the mad, yet wonderful, dysfunction that is my household and family, Father's Day is unfolding as follows:  my father is in Italy (my parents live there), the teenagers are still languishing in bed and are supposed to be going to their father's sometime today but no one seems to know when yet and the man in my life (also a father) is out having lunch with his kids on the other side of the world.

And me? I'm trying to pluck up the courage needed for a trip to Ikea in about half an hour!

I was intending to be waiting outside when they opened the doors at 10am (it's 11.10am now as I'm writing this and Ikea is at least 45 minutes away) but I got deliciously delayed by Spudbaloo and her wonderful WONDERFUL blog, Chez Spud.

If you need an antidote to stress and the general parenting bleurgh that gets hurled your way from time to time then go to Chez Spud's and pull up a chair, within minutes all will be well with the world again and life will have taken on a warm fuzzy glow.

I love reading about other people's lives, their loves, their commentary on life in general and any random musings they happen to share.  It's like peeking through the windows without running the risk of arrest and being charged with stalking!

Spudbaloo runs a camera club on her blog and I've rediscovered my love of photography for photography's sake - being a photographer, it can feel a bit like a busman's holiday shooting outside of a work brief but, looking at Spud's photographs (I hope she doesn't mind if I call her Spud...)I've realised I miss shooting just for me!

I've also penned in another future wedding, this time between Spudbaloo's youngest, Diggy, and Miss Clara who lives next door.  They're utterly adorable, totally in love and I think we might need to start picking out hats here at PlayPennies and requesting invitations!

But we need to put our thinking caps on for Bertie, the elder of the Chez Spud progeny, for his love is being spurned in favour of another - he does have a plan though, and a rather cunning one at that!

"Bertie cannot compete with the dark haired boy at nursery who has captured her [Imogen - Miss Clara's older sister]heart. She only loves boys with dark hair, perhaps I should die it for him? Those blonde locks are holding him back…although he has A Plan. He has decided to dress up as Imogen’s beau on their wedding day, and make a mask so he looks like him. Then he will steal his bride by stealth."


Chez Spud has recently turned one and in that annivesary post are a couple of lines that sum up perfectly what it's all about...

"I’m still not sure what my blog is about…”stuff I think about” is probably the best description I can give it…does it even need a description? It’s a blog. I write stuff about stuff on it. I put pictures on it. Does it need defining further?"

No, it doesn't...and you shouldn't need any further persuading to get chocolate and a cup of coffee and immerse yourself in the world of this lovely family for the next few hours.

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  • Judith G.
    Oh, how blush making...really made my day to get your email! Rushes around Chez Spud for possible new visitors.. plumping cushions, making tea & cake and wondering if it's too early to be wine o'clock? Ha, is it EVER too early to be wine o'clock? Nooooooo of course not. Thanks again Spud (that's not my real name. Funnily enough...) xx
  • Sarah K.
    Too early for wine o'clock...? My goodness - wash your mouth out! And, thank YOU for a wonderful read. Sarah ps - I did get to Ikea in the end and mine's a glass of dry white please
  • Wilderness S.
    [...] on…hello readers of  Playpennies! And thank you to the editorial team who picked Chez Spud for a Playpennies Loves blog post. I am [...]

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