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This week PlayPennies loves Carrots and Kids.

I. WANT. To go to Deb's house! I've read through lots of her posts but even before then, just reading the 'more of me' page was enough...

"If blogs could transport you literally into the lives of the blogger we'd probably be sitting around my very messy kitchen table (how do people keep stuff off theirs?) and I might possibly be foisting a home-made cake onto you while brewing a lovely cup of coffee."

Combine that with the photos that pop up in lots of Deb's posts and the fact that I take photographs in my offline-away-from-PlayPennies life, then that coffee and cake sounds even more enticing - I'm a sucker for images with a very shallow depth of field!

I like gardening, plotting and planning what I'm going to plant and where - so does Deb.  I didn't see the first series of Downton Abbey but got sucked in to the second series (albeit a few episodes in) - so did Deb, although she's ploughing her way through series one on DVD...I'm not.

I was also glad to discover that it's not just me that's (temporarily) dumped my large beast of a DLSR camera in favour of my much easier to cart around, massively smaller (although not in terms of megapixels) iPhone camera.  You know, there are times when I just don't want to mess around with settings, when I just want to keep it simple and go on a bit of a photography 'holiday'.

So you see, I could spend hours chatting away with Deb over a shop-bought cake with sand on the bottom with chaos happening in the background -

" I write, I am sitting at my (messy) kitchen table drinking green tea with apple and pear and eating a shop bought cake which I have discovered has a layer of sand on the bottom. See? Today I have sand on my kitchen table."

- right now that all sounds like a little piece of heavenly peace.

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