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7 November 2010

blogger1 This week PlayPennies Loves...Bradstock Boys!

For every playground full of blogging mums there are one or two dads, and we haven't had one for a while (so to speak!) so meet the Bradstock Boys.

If you love nosing through people's photo albums of 'stuff they took' then you'll love this, as the entries that will make you nod in agreement (if you're of a certain age, like me) are peppered with LOTS of interesting photos, taken in LOTS of diffferent places and from different persepectives...I like that!

I also couldn't resist the plea for a new friend, after our Bradstock dad was abandoned by his celebrity Twitter stalker - I'll make sure those in control of the PlayPennies Twitter account follows him without delay!  We're celebrities in our own lunchtimes here, does that count?

A little snifter of the posts that made me nod and chuckle along in agreement, acknowledgement and empathy (I couldn't think of another word that ended in 'ment):

Retail Therapy - a tale of bank managers who look like they should still be in school, and TV salesman you want to murder...

"...I'd been thrown for the second time in a week to be confronted by someone who should probably be spending their time studying or playing on an X-Box. It's most disconcerting indeed. Why am I staying the same age whilst the rest of the world gets younger?"

If anyone figures THAT out then send us the answer on the proverbial postcard....oh, hang on...sorry, send us the answer by electronic mail!

It's All In The Timing - a tale of banks (again) and their utter ineptitude for anything but crappy service. Don't even get me started, let's just say it was nice to read I'm not alone in my deep and dark loathing for our esteemed British financial instiutions!

"I'm not thirteen. My signature hasn't changed in thirty years. I apologised to the shop and transfered the money by internet banking. Then rang the bank. No apology from them. Merely a "You probably were rushing when you wrote the cheque". I assured her that when writing a cheque for several thousand pounds I NEVER rush...

...And from there the conversation spiralled downwards. At some stage the supervisor came on the phone because I'd reduced the Customer Advisor at the UK's most complained about bank to tears."

Grab the obligatory coffee and cake (I made cake yesterday...the chocolate horse head cake from last weeks PlayPennies Loves has been playing on my mind all week!) and pop over to Bradstock Boys and meet Bradstock Dad, The Boy, The Cat's Mother and the rest of the 'cast'.

And yes, I had to google RTFM *sigh*

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