PlayPennies Loves...Baby Baby

This week PlayPennies loves...Baby Baby.

I've got a lot on my plate at the moment...

  • Teenage son right near the end of the gruelling British Army selection process (anyone who tells you it's easy is lying)
  • A big project that's scaring me a bit and
  • A husband who's over 6,000 miles away; it'll be another 10 weeks until I see him next

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning until I dropped by Baby Baby and looked at THIS POST - there is ALWAYS someone worse off than 'you'.

That single image, with no words, has managed to lift my mood, brought a smile to my face and has, in fact, made me chuckle and get a grip of myself.  I may even email Sandy and ask her permission to print it, so I can stick it on my office wall as a timely reminder, and something to make smile, whenever the proverbial starts to hit the fan!

There are lots of other reasons why I love Sandy's blog; they might not be the same for you.

She has two boys, aged three and four, who were born within a year of each other; this was planned.  My teenagers - 17 and 16 - were born on the same day, a year apart; this was planned this and I know what having children that close together can do to a person.

On the one hand it's easier now they're that much older but, on the other, it's harder.  Arguments aren't triggered by stolen toys any more, they're triggered by hormones and they can rage on for weeks.

So it's rather nice, for me, to read about the 'good old days' of life with two young ones so similar in age - sorting out schools was always fraught with drama and tension, it seems this hasn't changed.  It got even worse when one was at one school and one in another; much easier now that one has left and the other only has a year to go!

Sandy's Baby Baby blog is lovely to read; she has such an easy and entertaining style - it's small wonder that she has, since parenthood, become a published author.

She also lives a hop down the M1 from me, in Milton Keynes.

I'm rather fond of popping into MK and it's nice to read about someone else who appreciates it and isn't afraid to say so!

These are some of the reasons why I love Baby Baby; pop over and have a nosy round and I'm sure you'll find some too.

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  • sandycalico
    Thank you so much for the lovely mention. Feel free to print the pic :-)

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