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19 December 2010

attic24 This week PlayPennies Loves...Attic24.

I want to move in to Attic24 and go and live with Lucy!

Her life reads as an idyllic mix of making lots of crafty things, baking lots of lovely things, taking fab photos (as a photographer in my other life, I'm a real sucker for ace blog photos!) and staying warm by the fire of her 100 Victorian house that she's slowly renovating.

Now do you see why I want to move in to Attic24!?

Living there, and Lucy's life, sounds like a little piece of heaven to me.

I'm utterly in LOVE with the crocheted Christmas decorations, and if I could crochet, and had the time to learn, I would be making them already.

I laughed out loud at the pictures posted at the end of the boy baking post - too funny, and is SO how my boys would choose to decorate chocolate shortbread men (I want to go and bake chocolate shortbread now!)

There is absolutely masses and masses to read from Lucy over at Attic24; forget having just one cup of coffee, you're going to need an enormous cafetierre of it!

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