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I'm a Mrs M, so I couldn't resist paying another Mrs M a visit - so this week, PlayPennies loves...At Home with Mrs M!

I'm not usually a fan of lots of reviews on blogs, but the first one I came across from Mrs M was one for Just Dance Kids for the Wii - I have kids and I have a Wii and we (well, me and my 16-year-old daughter) love Just Dance 3.  My youngest likes to try and play but it's all just a bit much for him and, having read Mrs M's review, I think it could be just the thing for him; he'll be thrilled.

The next post caught my eye because, quite frankly, the sausages in the image at the top looked A-MAZ-ING!  They're Nigella's Cranberry and Soy Glazed Sausages and if I wasn't back in serious training and eating then I'd be giving them a go!

Food features rather prominently in Mrs M's blog - whether you're looking for one-off or weekly inspiration then the RECIPES category is the place to look.

Mrs M also needs your help...

"Mr M has just turned 40 and my parents have rather generously offered to take care of the children whilst we go away for a week. We're unrestricted on time of year so the world pretty much is our oyster."

The thing is, when the world truly is your oyster - WHERE do you actually go?!  This is Mrs M's dilemma and she's asked for help - where would you go if you were in her shoes?

For my holiday money I'd go somewhere hot, quiet and as I'd be travelling sans kids, I'd have to go somewhere where it was adults only too - oh and there'd need to be the most amazing beach and warm, WARM sea to swim in.

There'd also need to be a beach-side cocktail bar too - I'm rather partial to the odd cocktail now and again, Mrs M is too as evidenced by the cocktail recipes that pop up here and there when you're At Home with Mrs M.

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