PlayPennies Loves...And 1 More Means 4

PlayPenniesLoves1MoreMeans4 This week PlayPennies Loves...And 1 More Means 4.

Actually it means five now as Amy, and her husband, are parents to FIVE children; we love them this week for that level of insanity bravery alone!

I have three children - there's just a year between the eldest two and then a gap of nearly 11 years between my daughter and my youngest.  My brain CANNOT compute what it must be like to have five children under five!

Five girls and one little lad make up the And 1 More Means 4 - I hope Amy has more than one bathroom otherwise he doesn't stand a HOPE of getting in there when the girls hit the teenage years!

Amy works nights so she can spend as much time with her littlies during the day as possible, and she finishes work at 2am.  This isn't too much before I'm getting up and reading about how she loves 2am is a bit like how I feel about 4am (although I don't have the crumpets *grin*).

I'm at least a decade older than Amy, but it seems that school life hasn't, and doesn't, change as the years roll by - Education  - School and all the other bits.

Reading through Amy's blog, I have to wonder if she has access to a secret stash of extra hours somewhere - I've no idea how she fits everything in, I feel exhausted just reading all about the family antics but throughout, she's always smiling.

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