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22 August 2010

jenography This week PlayPennies loves...Alpha Mummy and Jenography.

This week we're loving two different blogs by the same author - so one blog but two, sort of. Moving on...

Alpha Mummy is a blog series published on The Times website and I've often found myself nodding or chuckling along in agreement with the posts.  Last month  Jennifer Howze, the main author for those five years (and co-founder of CyberMummy by the way), left and has set up her own blog called Jenography.

If you've yet to experience the HELL that is headlice then lucky you!  I have no idea how many hours of my life I've lost to these evil insects; shave your child's head now, tell them that bald will be the HOT look bang on trend for the new school term and save yourself hours of agony and squirming as you pick these evil creepy crawlies out of your little one's hair!

My other idea of hell is school sports day! Whilst I'm very fit and sporty, I loathed sports day as a kid and even more so as a parent - the dreaded 'parents' race' was enough to give me nightmares for at least a week beforehand. I'm competitive, I try and control 'her' but when it comes to races or competitions all restraint goes out of the window. It seems I'm not the only one...

"...I can even imagine winning. But that's the problem of course: everybody thinks they will win. Then, when the others edge ahead pride takes over from fair play and suddenly you're cheating in front of the whole Lower School."

And as for the danger police post - don't even get me STARTED on health and safety madness otherwise we'll be here until midnight! Well I will be, you'll have probably lost the will to live by then and wandered off to do something less boring instead!

Now, if you want to read lots of the other Alpha Mummy posts then The Times Online are going to charge you a quid for it and if you're happy with that then go ahead. However, without having to part with any cash, you can mosey on over to Jenography with me and carry on reading posts written by Jennifer over there.

I'm rarely NOT busy. I find it very difficult to say no when someone asks me to do something and it's taken superhuman effort to make Fridays my official day off!

The day when I don't answer my phone to clients - they still call, "I know you say you don't work on Fridays anymore, but I was wondering..." - the day when I've forbidden myself to do anything remotely connected to work on the computer; better still, spend as little time at 'the machine' as possible!

ME TIME! That's what I need! In reality, this day off for 'me time' is spent doing housework and all the other things that have been neglected since the previous Friday.  I'm not sure that actually counts as time for me, but at least it's not work and it's a start to getting away from a seven-day working week.

I did have to laugh at this...

"To be sure, when children are babies, we do need to be at their beck and call, watching out for sharp corners and feeding times. But once they hit a certain age - I'd put it at 4 years, if not before - they can learn that "Mummy is reading her book/doing her nails/in the loo now. She can play in 15 minutes" is part of life."

...because ever since my fifteen-year-old daughter could walk and talk, she's been developing the skill that is 'wait until mum goes to the loo before I hit her with the question I could have asked at any other time, but have chosen to wait until she's just sat her bum down on the seat!' She has this down to a fine art now; I'm not sure whether she's just doing it on purpose now *sigh*

Enjoy getting in at the beginning of Jenography (and the posts I've highlighted on Alpha Mummy if you decide not to give the Times a quid) it's always nice to be able to follow something from the start.

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