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bloggerAlcoholicDaze This week PlayPennies loves Alcoholic Daze.

'Loves' seems like the wrong word to use - 'strongly recommends' might be better.

You know, life's not always pretty and sometimes it doesn't do any harm to remember that.

Most of the time the blogs we feature on a Sunday are jolly, lovely stories of parenthood and childhood; cakes and pictures of parties abound and everything is, on the whole, fluffy and happy.

Before you rush to the conclusion that Alcoholic Daze is going to be the opposite, based on what I've said so far, it's not.

It's an utterly compelling story of a woman whose husband was an alcoholic, how she watched him lose that battle and how she's subsequently fighting her way back to normality.

I've spent, at least, the last three hours reading through the archives of Alcoholic Daze; I started with the most recent posts but very quickly felt I owed it to the author to go back to the beginning, to dip in and out of it seemed, somehow, disrespectful to her and what she had to say.

As soon as I've written this 'blog spotlight', I'll be picking things up from where I left off.

You see, it's easy to get sucked into the small things of every day life and blow them out of all proportion; you can end up feeling sorry for yourself or overwhelmed - well I do sometimes, I don't know about you.

Reading accounts of other people's battles with serious issues, serves to remind me that I live a charmed life; I do, and I'm not sure why it's so easy, for those of us that have nothing to complain about, to forget this.

Alcoholic Daze is full of courage, humour, sadness, anger and hope; about a wife and mother trying to do her best by everyone.

It won't drag you down if you're having  a fabulous weekend, I promise.

It will, I hope, make you stop and think and be left with admiration for the author,  a woman who has a strength of character I hope I'd be able to find should I ever be required to.

I'm not going to highlight posts for you to pick and choose from; if you want to dip in and out at random then that's up to you, I urge you to start from the beginning.

"You can imagine the sight of us as we drove off the ferry and through the customs' shed at Dover. The car was piled high with the camping gear - tent, cooker, lanterns, kitchen sink etc - suitcases, us, 72 bottles of wine, a few bottles of spirits, AND Snoopy perched on top. You couldn't have found room for a pin.

The customs officials waved us through with bored looks on their faces and had no queries at all about the dog. We breathed a sigh of relief. The holiday had been a great success.

That was in late August. In November, I had occasion to go into our celler, where the wine was stored, and noticed that the last bottle of wine had been drunk and I had only had about six glasses in total myself..."

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