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I'm hungry and I don't 'do' well when I'm hungry - it makes me grouchy and I'm just about ready to grab the nearest edible thing I can lay my hands on, regardless of whether it's healthy or not.

Invariably, when I'm in this mood, it's not and all my hard work in the gym this week vanishes in a packet (or 10) of Doritos.

NOT this week, OH NO!

This week all my resolve vanished as soon as I set eyes on the bacon and egg muffin Silent Sunday photograph HERE.

I could happily murder four of those bad boys right now and, I'm telling you, as soon as this post is done I'm off to the kitchen to make them, then do serious damage to them (see, I really don't 'do' being hungry!).

Aside from the aforementioned photograph leading me off the nutritional straight and narrow, A Mother's Ramblings has lots to keep me interested (but only once I've eaten four bacon and egg muffins), the Rules for a Good Family Life are good, common sense 'rules' that are so simple and obvious it's easy to forget them and make life more complicated than it needs to be.

Making Chores Fun is also in a similar vein - I used to do things very similar to this when The Teenagers were much younger.  Yes, shopping took a little longer but it was less stressful, everyone enjoyed themselves and, ultimately, the kids were learning skills that WILL serve them throughout their lives in various scenarios.

If you want even more practical advice then pay a visit to the Top 10 Essentials for a Family Day Out post - you might just learn that you don't need to take the kitchen sink with you after all!

There are a few reviews scattered throughout this blog and, it must be a sign of my age, I was very interested in reading the ironing board review - yes, seriously! I'm now on the prowl for the larger ironing board featured - anything that means I have to faff around less with things on the board HAS to be a good thing.

It just goes to show that you never know when and where you're going to stumble across good stuff!

There's a ton of other interesting stuff to read over at A Mother's Ramblings; grab a bacon and egg muffin or two, settle in and enjoy.

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