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This week PlayPennies loves - Single Parent Dad, again, 18 months on.

There are just a couple of blogs that I really get sucked into and have to stay in touch with - I become 'involved' with the people they're about and I want to know how they're getting on.  I don't read every day, or every month, but every now and again I pop by just to check that their worlds are still turning.

None more so than Single Parent Dad - click HERE if you want to read his first PlayPennies Loves post, it'll give you some brief background (you may want tissues, if you visit the 'I'm in big trouble' post).

I loved reading Ian's posts before and, having gone back, I still do - he still makes me laugh, he still has a lovely easy way with words and humour that makes me smile and most importantly, today, it was comforting to be reminded that getting-kids-to-write-thank-you-notes-trauma is a universal and not exclusively mine (may I just point out that this will continue well into the older end of the teenage spectrum!).

I had to smile (see, I told you - there's lots of smiling when you read Single Parent Dad) when I read about how Max has 'grown' over the last 18 months when it comes to choosing 'friendship over possessions' - that's all I'm going to say about this post because I want you to go and read it and smile this Sunday lunchtime too.

I want to wish Ian well with his intentions for 2012 and putting himself first again, just a little bit, and hope you'll pay him a visit - you'll laugh, you might cry and you'll definitely gain a bit of perspective as far as your own life and worries are concerned.

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PlayPennies Loves...Single Parent Dad

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