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For the first PlayPennies Loves of 2012 (I wonder how many times I'm going to write 2011 before the new date sinks into my brain) we're loving Mellow Mummy.

As you know, we love bargains here on PlayPennies and two-for-one deals are just the sort of thing we like - you get this with Mellow Mummy as she's running two blogs in tandem just now, her normal blog and a pregnancy blog.

Mellow Mummy is 23 weeks pregnant with baby number two and I'm an absolute sucker for pregnancy diaries/blogs/whatever you want to call them.  I'm well and truly done when it comes to producing babies but, wow, do I love reading about other people who still embark on that journey - I think partly to serve to remind me why I never want to do it again *grin*

Mellow Mummy's real name is Emma and, at the same time as growing another baby, she's also mummy to Lara who was born in June 2009 - Emma says she's trying to approach motherhood in a relaxed and mellow way.

This is the best way (I think) as it will save a whole load of hand wringing and soul bashing when what's happening to you isn't quite how it's described in the parenting books (which I think should be burned!).

If you're into newsletters then you can sign up for Emma's monthly newsletter and there's a dedicated section for competitions (she'll be doing me out of a job at this rate, but you can never enter too many competitions, in my opinion - the more you enter the more likely you are to win something!) and also some discounts to be grabbed on various things now and again.

Reviews, opinions, recipes, photographs, the trials and tribulations of bringing up one child whilst being preggo with another one can all be found in Emma's blog and definitely worthy of a good nosey around on this New Year's Day!

Happy New Year!

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  • Marksvegplot
    As a parent of Mellow Mummy, I endorse all that you say about her! Let's hope that Baby No.2 turns out to be another little cutie like Lara...

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