PlayPennies Competition: Win One of SIX Copies Of Mask 'n' Ask!

PlayPennies Competition: Win One of SIX Copies Of Mask 'n' Ask!

Mask ‘n’ Ask from Drumond Park (rrp £16.99) is a brilliant new board game which up to four people aged around 7+ can play together.  There are thirty top quality double-sided masks with beautifully designed, colourful animal faces on one side, and jokey-looking human characters on the other.  On the animal side, kids might find a Badger, Crab, or Elephant, for instance. And on the human side, the mask may Princess, Sailor or Wizard.   

Children can play on either side of the board.  Each player has a turn at spinning the spinner – and then asks the other players the question printed on the board, on which his or her playing piece has landed.  For human characters, this might be “Do I wear a helmet in my job?” and for animals it could be “Do I have stripes, spots or a pattern?”.  Their opponents have to give ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers, and the player then places a YES or NO token on the relevant space, to help them remember the answer. This strategy takes away the worry of having to think up a series of questions by themselves, in order to work out who they are – helping children to express themselves more clearly. 

When a player guesses his or her identity, they choose a new mask from the pile – and the first person to guess three masks correctly is the winner!  Certain to be a sure-fire winner this Christmas, this game is cleverly designed and fun for the whole family to play.

You can now win one of these awesome games for your family to enjoy as the nights draw in and the weather gets chilly.

How to enter

What does your child think that you do for a living? Pop their answers into the comment box below and the six biggest giggles or cutest Aaahs will WIN!


  • UK entrants only
  • Competition period: 02 September 2013 - 12 September 2013
  • One entry per person
  • Competition subject to change and admins decision is final in all cases

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Reply to
  • firerock
    I'm software developer by profession but my son thinks I'm a computer scientist and I can fix NASA spaceship.
    • mazgoli
      Years ago when my husband was studying and we had a young family, I would get them all in the car first thing in the morning (still in their pyjamas) to take him to the bus stop in order for him to get to college an hour's bus ride away. What we didn't realise until many years later was that the children thought that the bus shelter was their Dad's college.
      • Crofmmx
        I work in IT my partners girls think I get paid to be on the internet all day! not true :p
        • JessyDooDah
          My 4 year old daughter thinks I 'tell naughty children off' for a living. I'm a secondary school teacher! On driving past my school one day, she asked me 'Mummy do you live there?'. Out of the mouths of babes!
          • allymcfia
            My child answered He buys food for Living (meaning he thought 'living' meant to keep himself alive or keep on living!!)
            • Hallesmum2011s
              I just asked my daughter what she thought my job was..she said dishes!ha says it all really! I actually work in an office!
              • urrocknwithebst
                Fix computers - he was gutted when he came into my office and didn't see about 10 open computers sitting on my desk (remote server support)
                • gemmadent
                  I work at a veterinary surgery. My children think its wonderful that I help the poorly animals get better, they love coming to visit the patients. I haven't got the heart to tell them I'm just the cleaner.
                  • nbuuifx
                    My little girl knows exactly what we do for our jobs but when asked what she wants to do when she is older, she said that she wants to be a tooth fairy!
                    • christinelockley
                      Im a stay at home mum - when I asked my little one he actually said you sit at home all day till its time to fetch me from school and you get to spend daddies penies
                      • badturtle
                        I use to work in a hospital (as a nurse) but now work in the community as a Health Visitor and my son always refers to me having been a doctor when I fixed people in preference to my current job looking at babies! He dismisses my correcting him when I say I am a nurse not a doctor!
                        • shellybops
                          Im a complaint handler - my 3 year old thinks I speak to bad people on the phone all day, she asks me if I get shouted at when I get home at night. (shes not far wrong though)
                          • russellanam
                            I am a PhD student and asked my baby what he thought I did. My 3 week old answered "Waah Waah Waaaaaaaaaaaa" (Translation: For all I care, your job is to feed me). :D
                            • njakerr
                              as I am currently at college my little boy thinks im at 'mummy' school learning how to stop shouting at him and his sister.
                              • purplevamp666
                                My children know I work with computers all day, I do :(
                                • TamsinOxford
                                  Shellybops, Gemmadent, Hallesmum, JesseDooDah, Allymc and Firerock you are our winners. Please check your email!
                                  • pennyocs
                                    cook,clean laundry general dogsbody