Organic Children Sticky Hand Sanitiser Review

Organic, safe to use on tender young skin, and free of chemical nasties. That's the sort of thing that Green People specialises in. The latest addition to their line up, the Organic Children Sticky Hand Sanitiser, is one of their most intriguing yet. It will rid surfaces of germs,  from table tops to baby's face.  According to the website you can use it instead of wipes.

Sounds a bit wondrous! To be honest, when my son was born I found I had a huge aversion to any sort of modern chemical cleaners. Now, many people think of chemical free cleaners as being things like vinegar and lemon juice. These are still chemical cleaners though - they're just fairly natural.

What you want to avoid really are the more complicated sounding chemcials like pthalates, parabens, and various petrochemicals. Even lanolin, which is natural, can cause a reaction in young skin.

We got some of the Sticky Hand Sanitiser in for review. Read on to find out what this stuff is really like.

Organic Children Sticky Handy Sanitiser comes in a 100ml pump action bottle, and costs £9.45. Organic Children’s Sticky Hand Sanitiser is an alternative to mainstream hand sanitisers that use chemical ingredients such as alcohol (ethyl alcohol, ethanol) and Triclosan, which can strip and dry out the skin.

It comes in a large, chunky and very sturdy looking pump action bottle. This pumps out a generous amount of foamy sanitiser. It has a really strong, pleasant citrus smell, with an undertone of tea tree. Specifically it has aloe vera, tea tree extract, orange and mandarin. All organic of course.

The site says you can get 200 squirts out of the bottle. That doesn't compare that well with the price of wipes to be honest. However, this can be used on skin and on surfaces such as high chairs. I used a spray bottle mix of white vinegar and lemon juice - this kills 99% of all known germs too. And is a bit cheaper than this bottle. However, it doesn't smell anywhere as nice!

Having used the sanitiser on hands, and my son's skin dries out very easily, I can definitely say it is quite gentle. I'd like to get a smaller, handbag sized bottle that I could carry about more easily with me though.

I think that what I would use this for would be the change bag. It would be handy to have to use on my hands, and to wipe down surfaces when out such as change tables. I used to carry dettol wipes with me for that purpose, but this would be handier. And free of nasty chemicals too!

The tea tree extract gives it antiseptic properties, so you can use it for cleaning away germs, dirt and grime. And it is safe for babies. Although with babies younger than 3 months, I have found I never needed to use anything other than water and cotton wool to clean even the muckiest bottom.

Pros: handy bottle, great smell, very useful when out and about

Cons: too expensive for every day use

Overall verdict: 7 / 10



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