Lollypop Man Banned From Giving Children High-Fives

  lollypop man

When I read in the newspaper that Lollypop Man or Crossing Assistant (yeah, that's what some Councils call them) has been banned from giving 'high-fives' to children I was a bit disappointed. Why oh why do we have to go to such extremes nowadays? Apparently, Nkosana Mdikane was previously commended by the council whom has applied this ban. So, what's the big deal about him giving 'High-Fives'?

West Dumbartonshire Council are said to have stated that:

that lollipop men “must remain static” to maintain “a barrier between pupils and traffic” with one hand on their stick and the other arm stretched outward.

This means that Mr Mdikane must not dance or touch the children's hand whilst he works. I am sure you agree with me that teaching children to cross the road in a sensible manner is very important but I can't help feeling like Mr Mdikane should be able to interact and encourage the kids to actually use him to cross the road.

When I was young we got to know our Lollypop Ladies really well as we saw them on a daily basis. Imagine how sad that would have been if they hardly acknowledge me.

Is this Health and Safety madness or is it perfectly just that the Council have banned the Hi-Fives.

What do you think?

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