My Kid Can't Eat This: The Hilarious Instagram Account Dedicated To Fussy Foodies

My Kid Can't Eat This

If you've ever dished up a delicious, nutritious meal to a testy toddler, only to witness a full-on meltdown because you used the pink cup instead of the red one, or failed to cut the sandwiches at the required angle, then you're going to love this. Or at least, you're going to take some comfort from it.

Behold, there is now an Instagram account dedicated to the mealtime pickiness that seems synonymous with toddlerhood, and it's called My Kid Can't Eat This.

The Daily Mail reports:

Parents upload pictures of the various foods which haven’t met with the approval of their children and caption the images with the excuses little ones give. Some of the reasons behind rejecting dishes are laugh-out-loud funny, with one little boy refusing to eat a peeled orange ‘because the juice is too wet.’ Another user’s picture of what looks like spaghetti is captioned ‘#mykidcanteatthis because they’re too “noodly.”

One of my all-time faves, though, and an excuse which all three of my kids have used with alarming regularity, is the caption that goes with the pic above:

#MyKidCantEatThis cereal bar because he broke it.

Oh, those days when my kids claimed their toast was 'broken' (cut in half instead of left as a whole slice) or deemed a biscuit or cracker worthy of a full-blown toddler freak-out just because they accidentally snapped it in half. I do not miss those days.
Unsurprisingly, critics (ok, commenters on the Daily Mail's piece online) are horrified at the notion that parents are tolerating such behaviour from pesky kids, with one commenter writing:
Why are these parents letting their children dictate to them what they will and will not eat? Who is in charge in your home anyway?
Ha. I would say more, but I can't stop laughing... I'm guessing that person's never actually met a toddler.

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  • GrannyD
    I remember my youngest daughter not wanting a broken biscuit so I broke every one from the packet in half. She soon decided that she would eat them!!!!

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