"I Hate My Thighs" Baby Girl's Bodysuit Withdrawn From Sale

i hate my thighs pm

This baby girl's body suit has caused an awful lot of anger, and if I'm perfectly honest I can see why. Sold in the US by a company called Wry Baby, the slogan "I Hate My Thighs" was meant to be humorous, but for those concerned about body image issues in young girls the projection of these worries onto infants was seen as no joking matter.

There were many complaints, and the company withdrew the item from sale, replacing it with the slogan "Love Me For My Leg Rolls". I'm not sure how they thought that was any improvement.

Even after the offending item was supposedly withdrawn from stores, a customer spotted it still for sale, and placed next to a boys bodysuit with the slogan "I'm Super".

Is this really a message that it is acceptable? Little baby boys are super heroes and little baby girls have fat legs?

I hope you know that I have a sense of humour, but some jokes are just cruel rather than funny. Slogans on baby clothing can be really funny, but it seems that those who were offended by it are in the majority here.

What do you think? Is this completely inappropriate or just a bit of fun? Tell us what you think.

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  • lydia1803
    I can see that in the US, especially LA, the joke on yummy Mummies paranoid about their size, but any images or slogans that encourages negative thoughts on women's/girl's bodies must be discouraged. Start kids young on these insecurities and you have a battle to turn their thoughts to positive. My own daughter suffers lack of confidence in her body at the age of 10, all because of pretty skinny girls mothers constantly remarking on how their daughters look, and telling them they mustn't eat too much and get fat! Yes this really happens, a lot, even with so-called intelligent and cultured Mums in London suburbs, who should know better.

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