Glitch: Tesco Express Meal Deals £1.32

Tesco Meal Deal This  is one of those act now, be fast situations: Tesco has their meal deal offers for £10, which include a bottle of wine. Right now at some Express stores, that is scanning through at £1.32.

It's not working for everyone, and others are saying they've bought £60 worth of product for £7 and change, so obviously if it's working for you, bargain, if not, better luck next time. Oh, and it's not working in Scotland.

As an example of what you can get, Nad_84 over on HUKD bought:

  • white wine - orvieto
  • chicken leek and bacon pie
  • petit pois with leeks and pancetta
  • dark and white chocolate cheesecake slices

for the princely sum of £1.32. Bargain.

Let us know if you picked up a cheap dinner!

Thanks to Nad_84 at HUKD

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