Free Competitions: Win Tickets For The Brazilian Grand Prix


(Check the old car liveries in the picture I've chosen; Benetton Racing and Marlboro advertising on Ferrari , those were the days!)

It doesn't really matter if you're a HUGE F1 fan or not to enter this competition - the opportunity to be flown off to Brazil for five nights at someone else's expense is just awesome.

If you're not into the racing don't go, there's a TON of other things to do and see in Sao Paulo and hot sandy beaches to relax on.

If you love the thrills and spills of F1 then have a FABULOUS time - even if this season has been deathly dull with Seb' Vettel winning almost every race in sight, and sewing up the championship already.

Here's the official bits you need to know:

Prize: Three day Sector A tickets for a family of four to the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo; return flights from London to Sao Paulo and five nights' accommodation for a family of four from 24-29 November 2011.

The closing date for entries is TOMORROW (Monday, 26 Sep 2011 0:00 BST) and crowforever at HUKD wants you to tell if you win - they want one of your tickets and are prepared to part with their hard-earned cash (well, I'm assuming it's hard-earned anyway!)

Toys R Us are giving away 10 Chugger Championship Deluxe Playsets which are bound to delight young Chuggington fans.

The Chugger Championship is a kid-powered racing playset.  You can race the engines separately or connect them to race longer trains.

It's described as being 'high paced fun as Vee automatically keeps track of each lap for a different result every time!'

If you have a young Chugger who'd love a Chugger Championship Deluxe Playset then just make sure you fill in your details before 16 October.

Now if you're a regular PlayPennies reader then you'll know that I am a bit of a book fan.

The lucky winner of this competition will win £500 to spend on books at Hamleys (yep, the toy people).

There's no question to answer, just fill in your details before 30 November.

I won a Kindle a couple of years ago and just didn't get on with it - call me old school if you like, but I prefer to be able to turn the pages of the books, magazines and newspapers I read - so I gave it away.

If you don't mind your books in electronic form, or want to find out, then enter this competition to win a Kindle and a Collins dictionary.

The answer to the question is Reverse and you need to enter before 8 October.


Thanks to Dipsy11, Arstar and crowforever at HUKD

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