Free Competitions: Win Some Pampering, £5,000 Cash Or A Little Tikes Oslo Wooden Swing Set

I tell you, after the week I've had ANY kind of pampering is going to be more than welcome - even if it's just a spa treatment for an hour followed by a three course dinner with wine for two; GIVE IT TO ME, I'm in NEED!!!!

The answer is 'mango and sticky rice' and you need to submit that, along with your details, before 9 July.

OR you could just give me a Merrydown Cider party kit so I can drink myself into oblivion instead (it can't be any worse than that time with numerous bottles of Diamond White all those years ago!).

It includes a street party kit, one case of Merrydown Vintage Cider, a gardening set and £160 worth of retail vouchers.

The answer is 'apples' and you need to get your entries in before 18 July.

Failing that, I could regress to being a child and spend all day in the garden (rain or shine, I'm not fussed) swinging away without a care in the world on a Little Tikes Oslo wooden swing set.


Just fill in your details before 10 July.

Failing that, let's just take the money and run! A rather handy £5,000 is up for grabs again this week - I could get very far away with that!

The answer is A (Casablanca) and the closing date for online entries is 5th July 2012 at 5pm. 


Thanks to pjj1805 and Painkiller at HUKD

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