Free Competitions: Win Five Nights In Thailand

thailandBanner Y'know, time is going so fast! Before long I'll be saying, "and so we kick of a new year of competitions!" MAD!

But we have about 16 weeks left before that happens, so let's crack on with the final offerings for this one.

If you didn't manage to get away this summer, or the holiday you did go on is already a distant memory, then this last minute four nights away in Rome for two might interest you.

Answer this question and fill in your details to enter: Whose memoirs are Eat Pray Love based on?

[Expires - 9 September 2010. Answer - Elizabeth Gilbert]

I've currently got half an eye on the premiership rugby and must say it's great to watch it on a BIG screen - if you don't have one then enter this competition to win a Philips 42" Plasma TV and maybe you'll be the lucky winner!

Answer this question and fill in your details: What is Khloe's Friday night radio show called?

[Expires - 27 September 2010. Answer - Khloe after dark]

With little kids stepping in to classrooms for the first time tomorrow, cameras will be be going off all across the land. If your camera is a bit old and tired now, enter this competition to win a Samsung PL150 by filling in your details and answering this question: How many megapixels is the Samsung PL150 compact camera?

[Expires - 3 October 2010. Answer - 12.2]

I've always been undecided as to whether or not I fancy going to the usual Asian country suspects, but if someone was to offer me five nights in Thailand for free worth £7,900 then I wouldn't say no!

Identify the road and the city in the picture (the picture is in a magazine in case you're wondering where the image is) and fill in your details for your chance to win.

[Expires: 30 September 2010. Answer: El Malecon, Havana]


Thanks to Ticklerik, mikep72 and Jedi Master over at HUKD!

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