Free Competitions: Win A Luxury Chocolate Banquet Cooked For You In Your Home

It's F1 season again, I know this because my dad is looking extra harassed - he works over in Italy for Ferrari F1 and, well...if you watch F1 you'll know that's 'enough said'.

I don't get excited about it anymore so you're more than welcome to these tickets to the Grand Prix at Silverstone; living just down the road, in relative terms, from the circuit the whole event is just a menace and causes local chaos.  I have friends who live on Monaco and it's the same for them every year too, anyway - enough of that, here's the rest of everything you need to know.

There's no question to answer, just a form to fill in before 12 June - the race is on 8 July, by the way, so you'd better make sure you're available.

If you landed here from another planet and took a look at popular tech', you would be forgiven for wondering why earthlings seem to have a penchant for gadgets named after fruit!

If you're not a fan of Apple iPads then you could always look to the Blackberry Playbook instead - playbook, what a daft name and it makes it sound like it's something for kids rather than grown ups.

If you'd like one then just fill in this form and keep your fingers crossed that you're the lucky winner pulled from the virtual hat on 10 May.

Hedgetrimmers: they're not sexy, they're not particularly fun but they're damn useful if you've got hedges!

Decent ones are rather expensive too and these Bosch hedge trimmer sets (there are two up for grabs) are worth £199 each - I'm going to enter this one, I've got miles of 'lovely' hedging that will be in need of trimming before long.

The answer is 'Taxus baccata' and you need to get your entries in before 17 May.

Okay, as a token nod to the chocolate madness that is gripping the country this weekend (I went to Tesco earlier on and it was insane, people were pushing and shoving each other out of the way to get to the last remaining Easter eggs on the shelves; mad!) here's a chance to win a luxury chocolate banquet, cooked for you in your home by Gu's head chef, for you and five of your friends.

There will be chocolate in every course and whilst I can't say this appeals to me in the slightest, it might to you.

Just fill in the form before 30 April to be in with a chance of winning.


Thanks to Shamu85, Mashhhh, marba01 and bundle at HUKD

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