Free Competitions: Win A Joolz Day Travel System Worth £1000

My husband has a bit of a thing about watches; he LOVES them, although, I have to say this Issey Miyake watch really isn't his cup of tea.  Now show him a shiny Breitling and you'll have his attention!

If you'd like to win this Issey Miyake watchm, either for yourself or to win some brownie points from the person you give it to, then enter this competition before 9 October.

You just need to fill in the form online; there isn't a question to answer.

It's been 30C where I live today and it seems almost impossible to believe that in a couple of weeks time I'll need to dig out my Hunter wellies, from the cupboard under the stairs, to wear when I take the dogs out because the weather will be cold and wet!

I've not worn wellies other than Hunters for over 16 years now, and I'll never wear a cheap pair of bog standard ones ever again; if you've always hankered after a pair of Hunters but never wanted to spend over £40 on a pair of wellies then this competition to win a pair is for you!

Simply fill in your details before 31 October for your chance to win.

If you're in the market for a travel system then you'll be forgiven for crying in the corner every time you flip over a price tag and see how expensive they are!

Enter this competition and you could be the lucky winner of a Joolz Day Travel System that's worth over £1000.

Just read the blurb, select which is your favourite Joolz feature and submit your entry before 17 October.

I'm not a huge fan of wearing lots of jewellery - I think it looks naff - but give me one or two stunning diamonds and I'm a very happy girl.

However, sometimes the real thing is just a little bit out of the budget and when a little bit of sparkle is required you're just going to have to FAKE IT!

Enter this competition to win a necklace and earring set that look almost good enough to be the real thing; they're worth over £150, so not shabby at all - they're not like a cubic zirconia pair from Clare's Accessories *grin*

The answer is 'A Victorian cameo' and the closing date for entries is 30 October.


Thanks to lkscotland, giggs11legend, ade2j and Jedi Master at HUKD

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