Free Competitions: Win An iPad Mini, The Entire Range Of Baxters Chutneys, Surround Sound System

First up on this Friday afternoon (can you believe it's Friday already!) is an iPad mini - I don't have an iPad as I've never really felt the need for one; I won't have an iPad mini either as I just can't see where they fit into the grand scheme of things.

If you'd like to have a bash at winning one then simply hand give this answer: a) Two Face and then hand over your details before 18 April.

I'm starving at this current moment in time and am desperately trying to put off having to go grocery shopping as soon as I've finished work for the day.  It's always LETHAL going shopping when you're hungry - never, ever do it - and now I've got chutneys, cheese and wine on my mind, having read about the prize for this competition!

Baxters make awesome chutneys: they have 10 different varieties including the rather scrummy Traditional Caramelised Onion Chutney, then there's their tasty Red Pepper and Jalapeno Chilli Chutney.

Ten lucky winners will win their entire range of chutneys (yum), plus a cheeseboard (YUM!!), cheese knife and fine wine glasses (that I'll happily put some very wine in!).

The answer to the question is: 40 years and the closing date for entries is 30 April.

If you've been reading competitions for a while, you'll know that I've been in the market for a new TV for absolutely a-g-e-s! I saw a great TV the other day, the screen was 84 inches - my goodness, this thing was HUUUGE!!  A little big for my lounge methinks, it would be like sitting in the front row of the cinema every night.

Anyway, the search for the perfect TV is coming to an end, but now there's the thorny subject of surround sound systems! My dad has a rather epic set up, so anything less than that is going to be a little naff in comparison.

I'm telling all this because the prize at the end of this competition is a surround sound system. It looks rather good and can be yours for freeeeee, IF you're the lucky winner!

The answer to the question is : George Lucas and the closing date for entries is 6 May.


Thanks to Painkiller and pjj1805 at HUKD

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