Free Competitions: Win A Holiday To Jersey, £10k, An Ice Lolly Maker Or 3D Blu Ray DVD Player

I've never been to Jersey, or Guernsey for that matter, and I feel that one day I should make the effort to visit both - the thing is, at the moment, it still feels a bit like visiting Isles of Wight that are just a bit further away.

If you'd like to bag yourself an holiday to Jersey at someone else's expense then enter this competition.

All you have to do is LIKE the Jersey Facebook page before 28 June.

If you had £10,000 what would you do with it? I can think of that many things it's quite amazing - I don't need £10,000, I need a few more zeros on the end of £10,000!

But you know, £10k in cold hard cash would be a good start; if you can think of plenty of things to do with that amount of money then throw your name into the hat for this competition.

The answer is A (jewels - if you want to know) and you need to submit your entry by 5pm on 7 June

Now this looks like it'll be a great 'something' for the summer - it's a Zoku Quick Pop Maker which makes ruity ice or yogurt lollies in seven minutes, WITHOUT needing to be plugged into anything!

If you want to win one just enter your details and give this answer to the question - Change4Life - before 13 July

If you're into your viewing tech' then you might want to have a look at this competition to win a Samsung Smart 3D Blu ray DVD player.  

Competitions where you have to finish the sentence, rather than answering a question, are becoming popular again  and that's what you have to do here:

1) LIKE the Comet Facebook page

2) Enter your details and then complete the following sentence before 7 June

"If I won a Smart 3D Blu ray player from Comet the smart people I’d invite round to watch it would be…"


Thanks to CrispyCritter, Painkiller and guntupalli7 at HUKD

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