Free Competitions: Win A Ford Fiesta, Holidays And A 3D Home Cinema System

29 January 2012

I remember when Ford Fiestas were NOT cool; now, somehow, they seem to have attained cool status - perhaps it's to do with the funky new colours they come in.

Whether you like them or not, you might as well enter this competition to win a brand new Ford Fiesta - you can always sell it if you don't want to keep it.

The answer is 'Cars' and the closing date for entries is 31 March.

I've got friends who live in Dubai and before the year's out I'll be going out there to pay them a visit - if you're not lucky enough to know anyone in Dubai then enter this competition to win a holiday.

The answer is 'd - all of the above' and the closing date for entries is 25 February.

Dubai  not your cup of tea?  How about Casablanca?

It's just a short three-day break but, hey, a three-day break is a three-day break and it's not like a three-day break to somewhere like Skegness! (Sorry, if you're a big fan of 'Skeggy').

The answers to the questions are 'Titchfield Abbey' and 'Fort Brockhurst' - the closing date for entries is 2 February.

If you're more of a home-body and want to stay in watching amazing movies, then you might want to have a bash at winning this Sony 3D home cinema system.

The answer is '6' and you must get your entries in before 26 February.


Thanks to at marba01, andywedge, usenetz and Haigythescotsman at HUKD

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