Free Competitions: Win Cash And Tickets To The British F1 Grand Prix

Capital FM are giving away £500 cash and I could absolutely do with winning it!  I have a whole host of extra off-budget things I need to factor in over the next few months and none of them are exactly small figures - I'm sure you know what that's like and if you're in the same boat then have a bash at this competition too.

The answer is Doctor and the closing date for entries is midnight, 27 May (that's this Sunday)

If £500 isn't enough then how about £5,000?

That really would sort out most of my 'things' and leave a bit spare to stash away - I'm all for stashing cash and not just spending it on a load of tat I don't need, of course if it's tat I do need then that's a completely different story!

The answer is C (Violet - if you want to know the actual answer) and closing date for online entries is 31st May 2012 at 5pm

My dad works in Formula One and when you know everything that's going on behind the scenes, what's likely to be the season outcome (even though we're only five races in) and the plans for the next three years - it all gets a bit boring to be honest.

If you've never attended a live Grand Prix then you should go - it's something to experience at least once in your life, but then you'll quickly realise it's much more civilised to watch at home, or in a sports bar, with a drink in your hand, no crowds to beat and no queues to sit on for hours to get in and for more hours to get out!

Anyway, enough of my F1 jaded attitude, there are two tickets for F1 at Silverstone up for grabsif you want them.

Now, here's the twist - you need to carefully craft an answer to this question, before 18 June, to be in with a chance of winning...

"What, in your opinion, is the greatest ever Formula 1 performance and why? "

GOOD LUCK with that!

Thanks to Jedi Master, Painkiller and r1c0l1 at HUKD

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