Free Competitions: Win A New Bathroom/Pamper Goodies/Vax Cleaning System/iPhone 4S

*please note the bathroom image is NOT the bathroom you'll win

What's your bathroom like?

Is it a haven of loveliness, peace and tranquility?  Or is it a dark hell-hole that smells damp and probably has something scary lurking in a corner somewhere?

If you want to be the peace and tranquility category then enter this competition to win a new bathroom worth three pence shy of £1000.

The answer is 1999 and the closing date for entries is 10 November at 4pm.

Now, once you have your new bathroom you're going to be spending a lot of time in there and you'll want to be using products that are kind to your skin, kind to the environment and haven't been horrible to animals.

You'll be wanting one of these Faith in Nature natural beauty bags - 25 are being given away and each one contains a shampoo, conditioner, shower gel/foam bath and a 100g soap bar.

The answer is 'Sensitive' and you need to get your entry in before 18 November.

So things are looking up in the house - you've got a brand new shiny bathroom and some lovely products to pamper yourself with; the thing is, the carpets throughout your house are looking more than a little grubby.

Panic begins to set in! Winter is on its way - that means dirty footprints everywhere - and the family are all descending on YOU this Christmas.

Replacing carpets is a faff and costs a fortune, so clean them instead - enter competition and you'll win a Vax Carpet Cleaning Kit worth £500; problem solved.

The answer is 'Warm water and Solution' and the closing date for entries is midnight on 31 October.

Yes, I was one of the devotees who queued up for a couple of hours to replace my iPhone 3GS with iPhone 4S.

As it turned out, it was rather fun - there was lots of camaraderie in the queue - and my 3GS was really on its last legs having been slammed in the car door, dropped (often!), trodden on, sat on.  You name it, if it could happen to your phone it had happened to mine.

I'm in love with the 4S; I'm totally smitten with Siri and all the other general loveliness that is iPhone - like not being a BlackBerry and losing BBM for days on end *grin*

If you want one but don't want to pay for one then enter this competition to win one.

Just fill in your details before 8 January and keep your fingers crossed you're one of the three lucky winners announced on 9 January.


Thanks to shonae2000, Arstar, Sophz777 and Dipsy11 at HUKD

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