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I fly often and not the last time but the time before that I sat next to this really nice old chap who had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner; after dinner he took a couple of pills and within 20 minutes he was away with the proverbial fairies!  An hour later we had to put a call out for any medics on board - it was 'interesting'.

For my 'trouble' the cabin crew gave me a bottle of Lanson champagne (there were no spaces in first class, otherwise I would have been moved upstairs - gutted!) and I can highly recommend it!

The winner of this competition will win a case of Lanson champagne; feel free to share it with us here at PlayPennies *grin*

Closing date for entries is 29 February and you just need to hand over your details.

I don't know about you, but my grocery bill is always massive regardless of how hard I try to keep it under £100 a week!  I can tell you that a £500 Morrisons voucher wouldn't go amiss - if you feel the same then enter this competition and you could just win that very thing!

The answer is 27p and you need to enter before 26 February.

My youngest son got a Nintendo 3DS for Christmas and he's on the prowl for more games for it - if he was old enough he could enter this competition to win a 3D game collection for the Nintendo 3DS.

The answer is 'bingo' and you need to get your entries in before 29 February.

My office wall is usually awash with Post-Its (other sticky notes are available!) but apparently this is old fashioned and the good ol' Post-It is destined to become a thing of the past - at least that's what the makers of this Video Memo Pad are hoping (I will RESIST!).

The answer is 'magnetic back' and the closing date for entries is 17 February.


Thanks to bundle, greyfriar, stu1e and rpoynter at HUKD 

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