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25 January 2011

3dCameraComp It's a bit of an oxymoron I know, but whilst I'm not the biggest fan of cooking in the whole world I do love pots and pans! Win this Meyer Infinite Circulon Wok, that's worth £100, and you'll be in stir-fry heaven.

Just enter your name and email address before midday 1 February 2011.

Both my teenagers have their own portable DVD players - we bought them years ago for the car and they still use them now. Up for grabs here is a portable DVD player along with a copy of Bambi on DVD, arguably one of THE cuteset Disney movies and one of my favourites.

You need to enter before 24 February 2011 and these are all the answers to the questions:

1.A rabbit
2.Christine Bleakley
3.Morecambe and Wise
4.Matt LeBlanc
5.Dumb and Dumber
6.George VI
9.Die Hard with a Vengeance
10.Ken Bruce
11.Family Guy
12.Happy Days

It seems that nothing's worth anything these days unless it has 3D attached to it somewhere. More and more movies are being made in 3D, we can watch sport in 3D (although I'm all up for this as it generally, at the moment, involves going to a pub with a 3D TV!) and if you've got money to throw away on the latest tech', then you can buy a 3D TV.

Now our 2D photographs are under attack! Win this 3D camera and you'll find out how it all works...then you can let me know because I have NO idea!

The answer is B: Three Dimensional High Definiton and you need to enter before 31 January 2011.


Thanks to robertkay and Jedi Master at HUKD

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