Free Competitions: Win £3,200 Cash

Oooooh, I do love a good cash competition. In fact, I don't mind a bad cash competition, just as long as they hand over the MONEY!

There's £3,200 up for grabs with this one - not a sum to be sniffed at, I'm sure you'll agree - and all you have to do to be in with a chance of stashing it is hand over the answer to the question, which I'm going to give you.  The answer, I mean, not the question!

The answer is: A (Japan) and the closing date for online entries is 20th May 2013 at 5pm.

After a fairly horrible time recently, I received some really good news today - it's news good enough to warrant going out in a while and buying a bottle of wine to celebrate. Not a big deal to most people, I know, but I'm in training for a fitness competition so anything 'wine' or 'treat like' has been off the agenda for a very long time.  It also means I'm a very cheap date these days, a small bottle of wine the size of the ones you get on long haul flights are enough to make me feel warm and fuzzy!

Anyway - I'm telling you this because there are six bottles of French wine, worth £50, going begging with this competition.

The answer to the question is: Devils and you need to submit that, along with your details, before 13 June.

Ahhh, a good old iPad competition - they're still as popular as ever, although I reckon Samsung will eventually kill off all things 'i' - except maybe the iPod, but perhaps even that!

But for now, if you're an Apple lover and you want a pad, this is just for you.

There are a few questions to answer, but the good news is they are survey questions so you'll know all the answers.

You need to complete the survey and hand over your details before 20 May.


Thanks to Painkiller and pjj1805 at HUKD

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