Free Competitions: A Holiday To Goa, A Honda Jazz, £7,500 Or £15,000

comp25March I thought I'd bring you some BIGGIES today - a rather fabulous holiday, a car and some substantial piles of cash; marvellous.

I've never been to Goa but whenever I see pictures of it I think I really ought to put it on my list of destinations. There's a 10-night trip, for two, to Goa up for grabs by the lucky winner of this competition.

Closing date for entries is Tuesday 29 March and you just need to register and provide your details to enter.

Would you like to be better off to the tune of £7,500?  I would; I could do lots of things with that and not all of them would be frivolous either (I'm such a grown up when it comes to money these days).

The answer is option C and you must enter before 5pm 31 March 2011.

Now I'm not a fan of little rollerboot cars but I AM getting a bit cheesed off with spending £80 to fill up my rather thirsty 4X4 every 300 miles - this little Honda Jazz would save me a fortune in fuel!

The answer is 'By filling it up with petrol as normal' and you must enter before Friday 1 April 2011.

OR you could settle for a 'mere' £15,000 in the bank, that ought to keep you going for a while.

The answer is option A and you must enter before 7.30am Friday 1 April 2011.


Thanks to Ticklerik, Painkiller and missgem at HUKD

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