Free Competitions: Win An MK Concrete Cow

Cows, it would seem, are the HOT competition items of the moment!  Last week I told you how you could win a custom decorated full-size fibre glass cow (along with naming a cow being sent to a family who's lives literally depend on it) and NOW you can win a concrete cow courtesy of Destination MK.

Just in case you don't know, Milton Keynes is famous for its concrete cows - I live near MK (that's how we locals refer to Milton Keynes) and I've seen people posing and having their pictures taken with the aforementioned MK cows; random, but absolutely necessary if you ever go there.

Your concrete cow won't be a full-size one - it's described as being a 'mini cow' but there's nothing else to suggest how big (or mini) that actually is - each cow made has its own unique number and comes with an owners certificate.

The cow for the prize winner, however, will be extra unique (can something be 'extra unique'..?  Surely something is unique or it's not, but I digress!) and have the MK logo painted onto one of its back legs.

To enter you simply need to hand over your details before 5pm on 14 October and answer the sum (6+7 = 13, just in case your maths brain has temporarily gone on strike).


Thanks to pjj1805 at HUKD

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  • franyates
    hi I think the math question is random ...I had 6 + 1

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