Free Competitions: 14 Nights In Orlando Plus Swimming With Dolphins

I've always wanted to swim with dolphins (although not in Orlando, somewhere more natural for me thank you) and that's exactly what you could be doing if you win this competition.

The prize is 14 nights in Orlando plus swimming with dolphins, or snorkelling with tropical fish and rays at Discovery Cove, along with seeing the world famous killer whale Shamu.

Two adults and two children can go and all your flights are included; to enter, just hand over your details before 31 July (oooh, that's next Tuesday!)

I do like simple competitions that just give away cash; you can do anything you like with cash - spend it, save it, give it away even!

There's £5,700 up for grabs here and you'll need to answer a question - the answer is 'B' (Cocktail) and the closing date for online entries is 30th July 2012 at 9:30am.

If you're not sporty in any way, shape, or form the I bet you're really  looking forward to the Olympics dominating absolutely everything and anything for the next two weeks!

Dashing off to a log cabin to get away from it all could be the answer; the timing won't be right I'm afraid, but I do have a competition to win a stay in a luxury log cabin for you to enter - perhaps you can go there to recover from two weeks of abuse by sport!

You just need to enter your details before 31 August to be in with a chance of winning.


Thanks to andywedge and Painkiller at HUKD

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